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Finance & Banking


Dear Visitors,
It is my pleasure to welcome you in the website of Finance and Banking Department, which is designed to be honest mirror reflecting the academic and research role of our department, and its contribution to support the efforts of the university towards excellence and global.
The Finance and Banking Sciences department aspires to be distinguished at the local, regional and global level in the field of teaching, research and community service. Also, it seeks to prepare well-qualified graduates scientifically and practically through outstanding academic staff and study plans and employs modern technology in the educational process.
The department offers bachelor's degree in Finance and Banking through two independent tracks, one in Arabic and the other in English, in addition to the master's program in finance and risk management, which is the only program on the level of Jordanian universities.
Finally, we thank you for visiting Finance and Banking department website at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Applied Sciences Private University and look forward to provide more information and answer your questions and inquiries.
Applied Science Private University (ASPU) provides a degree in Finance and Banking Management through the Finance and Banking Sciences Department (BSc. F&B), at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science (FEAS). The BSc. F&B is planned to contribute to the achievement of the goals of the FEAS, and thereby contributes to the achievement of the University mission and vision: by providing opportunities and facilities for high quality of teaching and learning, and successfully meet societal needs and national development requirements for highly qualified graduates in various disciplines and specializations, that matches the international standards.
Department Preview:
The Finance and Banking Sciences Department started operation in the academic year 1991-1992, the total number of students, then, was ( 27 ) students. The total capacity of the department at the beginning of the academic year 2016/2017 reached (488) students. The first batch graduated during the academic year 1994/1995, and until the end of the summer semester of the academic year 2016/2017 the number of graduates in the Arabic and English tracks reached (2,359) students.
In Line with its steady concentrated endeavors to upgrade and develop learning and cope with emerging societal needs and global challenges, the Department revised its study plan and curriculum more than once, the last was in the current academic year 2015/2016. Special emphasis is now placed on teaching computerized applications in several
courses, and the introduction of a new English track of the Bachelor's degree in Finance and Banking Management.  The department ranked the first in the qualification exam for undergraduate students for the last two years: 2016 and 2017.
In addition to that the department launched its Master degree in Finance and Risk Management in the 1st semester 2015/2016, to be the first leading university in Jordan to launch this track.
The department employ (7) teaching staff member – (2) Full Professor, (2) Associate Professor, (2) Assistant Professor and (1) Master degree graduated from different distinguished university locally and abroad.
To excel others locally, regionally and globally - in teaching methods and scientific research and social services.
Providing distinguished Scientific and academic environment, continuous development in teaching methods in addition to partnership with local and external community`s institutions.
The Finance and Banking Sciences Department (Arabic and English Track) seeks to achieve the following objectives:
1-      Encourage scientific research by department`s teaching staff members.
2-      Strengthening partnership with the local community institutions.
3-      Empower students with the required skills to coup-up with market requirements.
4-      Employ modern technology in teaching process.
Methods to Achieve Department Goal:
For the purpose of achieving the said objectives the department uses the following basic methods:
1.    Employing highly qualified teaching staff with high and advanced qualifications and different ranks.
2.    The use of modern teaching techniques (computer, and internet applications) to assist in the teaching process of compulsory courses.
3.    The use of English language in all curriculum subjects either by teaching the whole      subject in English or by the required terminologies in some subjects which      are taught in Arabic.
4.    The use of up to date references and textbooks that rhymes with the scientific development      in the related field of study.
5.    Relying on the study plan of students in relation to their selections of the subject      during the subsequent semesters, this helps in achieving gradual      acquisition of scientific knowledge related to their field of study.
6.    A keen interest is given to students of applied research in the department as a main      requirement for their graduation.
7.    A continual and      periodical follow-up and review is made for the curriculum plan to keep      pace with new developments in the field and related fields.
8.    Make the      students participate in scientific seminars and visit some selected      institutions to improve their scientific and practical skills, experience,      and capabilities.
9. Keeping a strong relationship with finance and banking institutions through field training and by conducting seminars and workshops in collaboration with the related institutions
Program outcomes:
    1. Knowledgeable and      resourcefulness Graduate equipped with ethics and best business practices.
    2. Graduates will be able to design a financial information system according to work requirements.
     3. Graduates will be able to prepare a Business proposal, understand the fundamentals of financial management, and make recommendations regarding venture financing, through proper business analysis and reporting.
     4. Graduates skills related to finance and banking software will be enhanced.
     5. Graduates will possess a broad understanding of investment theories, practice, financial markets and its instruments, money markets and its instruments and different valuation method necessary for investment decision making.
Employment Opportunities Available for Graduates:
1-      Banks of different nature.
2-      Insurance Companies.
3-      Investment Companies.
4-      Financial Institutions.
5-      Financial Markets.
6-      Finance Department in Ministries and Govt. Authorities.
7-      Companies` Finance Departments.
8-      Financial Consultancy Companies.
9-      Exchange Companies.
10- Risk Management Departments.
11- Independent Project in the Field of Finance Investment.