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About ASU

Vision and Mission


Achieving excellence in various fields of science, research and community service.


  1. Continuing improvement in the fields of higher education, scientific research, and university environment. Focusing on students and community service, and adherence to governance standards to lead the university to a distinguished position among universities around the world.

  2. Values:
  1. We believe that the achievement of our goals will be deepened through:

  2. 1. Morality.

    2. Institutional work.

    3. Cooperation and teamwork.

    4. Affiliation.

    5. Creativity and innovation.


1. Strengthening governance.

2. Creating an ideal environment.

3. Expanding knowledge.

4. Applied scientific research.

5. Partnerships and community service.

6. Quality and excellence.


1. Enhancing governance in all aspects of the university's work.

2. Developing an ideal university environment to suit all stakeholders.

3. Developing distinguished academic programs to suit the needs of the market.

4. Excellence in applied scientific research.

5. Developing community service and national and international partnerships.

6. Attracting outstanding students and enabling them to keep pace with the requirements of the market.

7. Attracting distinguished faculty, research and management staff.

8. Access to local and international competitiveness with quality and classification.​