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Admission & Registration

Vision mission Objectives

​​​​​ASU Admissions and Registration main tasks:

  • Receipt of university admissions applications from potential students.

  • Announcing the names of admitted students in the university's faculties and setting up student's files.

  • Preparation of lectures weekly schedules before the beginning of each semester and distributing them to colleges and announcing schedules to the students.

  • Completing student registration process in various courses and conducting the processes of addition and withdrawal of students from courses at the beginning of each  semester.

  • Preparing various statistics about the students and preparation of the final examination schedules which takes place at the end of each semester.

  • Receiving transcripts and distributing them on college's registrars.

  • Recording student's grades and calculating grades average.

  • Reviewing student's study plans.

  • Providing Embassies with student's grades (for students studying at their countries expense).

  • Issuing of transcripts and any other documents needed by students.