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Quality Assurance & Accreditation Office

Quality Assurance and Accreditation Office (QAAO)

​​​​​​​​​​The Applied Science Private University has been adopting total quality philosophy since 2003 after the establishment of Total Quality Management Department during the same year. Quality assurance and Accreditation Office (QAAO) was established per University President's decree No. (101) on 22 September, 2010.

QAAO Follows the quality policy adopted by the university “Taking care of the educational process scientifically and practically to prepare students to join the labor force by recruiting qualified human resources, and providing needed laboratories and modern workshops. The university administration is also committed towards improving the quality of the educational process and its continuous improvement.

QAAO supports decision making process regarding continual improvement in administration procedures also it strengthens the way to excellence for the university in comparison to other universities.​

About Quality Assurance and Accreditation Office - QAAO

QAAO was established during 2010 as an extension to total quality management office which was established in 2003 declaring its commitment that placed on it, which is derived from the university vision and mission, which focuses on the University of Applied Sciences of being a source and a special habitat for science and knowledge on the national, Arabian and international level, that will Contribute in providing the local as well as the Arabian society with the highest quality and best outcome of knowledge and science, Based on this faith, the QAAO being part of this great academic edifice have undertaken from the first day the initiative to search for all means, methods and tools for excellence in educational, administrative and functional systems associated to it, starting from the inputs then processes and ending with the outputs, through adopting the philosophy and the policy of continuous improvement in all educational and administrative areas in order to conform with national and international standards of quality in education, raising the slogan of "collective responsibility to ensure excellence in everything we do." QAAO is associated to the Office of Quality Assurance and Accreditation office at the university level, which is overseen by the Steering Committee for Higher Quality in the University under the surveillance of the University`s President.​​

Vision, Mission and Goals


Creating a culture its basis to excel in all functions and services performed whether its Educational, Regulatory or Administrative


Emphasis on high quality and perfection in all Scientific, Knowledge and Administrative processes and outputs, to guarantee compatibility with the standards that will contribute to achieve the university mission which is based on continuous excellence and universality. 


  • Participating in achieving the university vision, mission and its strategic goals.

  • Emphasizing on quality assurance culture and continuous improvement in all university departments and colleges.

  • Making sure that all processes within colleges and different administrative units in the university are always in complete compatibility with university goals and purposes. 

  • Unification of administrative procedures in the university to reduce time, cost and effort.

  • Obtaining national and international accreditation

Duties and Responsibilities:

Responsibilities of Quality Assurance and accreditation office (QAAO) are derived from the concept of quality assurance in education that is based on all policies, directions of the administrative procedures that are directed toward lasting and improved quality system in the educational system as whole and in a continuous form. It’s the same that is referred to as an activity of planned process to evaluate the educational institutions and their programs, to determine whether or not the educational standards and the infrastructure are compatible with the national and international standards of educational institutions, and that it is preserved and supported, and to make sure that the students are receiving an educational opportunities of high quality. QAAO also focuses on encouraging the continuous improvement through the process of evaluation and periodical revision of the academic and administrative programs as the path to excellence.

 In general the responsibilities of QAAO are concentrated in the following fields:

1- Make sure that all colleges, departments (academic and administrative) are working in rhyme with the university mission, vision and goals.

2- Spreading and establishing the culture of quality among all academicians and management staff.

3- Revision of quality assurance standards of higher education institutions on the national, regional and international level.

4- Revising the quality of the academic programs and performing the required improvement to coup up with changes.

5- Reporting to university management to resolve weakness points and improve strength points.

6- Conducting training programs to academic and administrative staff during the academic year for the purpose of improving their skills and capabilities

7- Drafting plans related to the process of improvement and development.

Quality Assurance and Accreditation Office (QAAO)


High Quality Steering Committee:

Prof. Mahfouz Joudeh

University President

Prof. Sameha Jarrah (member)

University Vice-President and Nursing College Dean

Prof. Thair Kaddumi (member)

Quality assurance ​​and Accreditation Office manager

​Internal Audit Manager


Quality & Excellence Steering Board Members:

​​Prof. Mahfouz Joudeh

​University President - Head 

​Prof. Sameha Jarrah

​Vice President - Member​

​Prof. Thair Kaddumi

​Quality Assurance & Accreditation Office Head - Member

​Prof. Iman Bashiti

​Pharmacy College Dean - Member

​Dr. Husam Al-Shrouf

​Students Affairs Deputy Dean - Member

​​Internal Audit Manager


  • Quality Assurance and Accreditation Office manager / Prof. Thair Kaddumi.

  • Eng. Seron Al-Ammouri​ 

  • Quality Supervisor​​ / Eng.Ola Mustafa 

  •  Tel: 06-5609999   ---- Ext. 1491