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Quality Assurance & Accreditation Office

Quality Management System

​​​​​​​​Quality Management System 

Applied Science Private University (A.S.U) has been awarded the (ISO 9001-2000) certification by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance since 2003. After the release of the new version of (ISO: 9001-2008), The university was awarded international standard (ISO:9001-2008) certification on 2010 tell 2015 and at end of 2015 its certification was renewed tell 2018.

The university and in order to implement and maintain the system that will achieve quality in the academic colleges and administrative departments and units, the university management decided to form Quality assurance and Accreditation Office where Management system – ISO to be affiliated to it which was established during 2010.

Vision, Mission and Goals


Solo Excellency in educational and managerial process in order to transcend to the level of prestigious international universities and be an example to follow.


Adhering to international and national quality standards and spreading quality culture to reach with the university to Excellency locally, regionally and internationally. 


1- Continuous review and development to quality management system in the university.
2- Focusing on fulfilling the needs and desires of stakeholders.
3- Unification of managerial processes in all university`s functions.
4- Spreading quality culture among management and teaching staff.
5- Work toward lifting the management process efficiency.

Duties and Responsibilities

Quality Management System Unit Duties:

  1. 1- Coordination with different academic faculties and departments in the university along with managerial departments regarding preparation and modifying of work procedure for all university activities.

  2. 2- Conducting training courses to spread quality culture among all academic and management levels.

  3. 3- Periodical revision to academic faculties and departments in order to achieve its quality goals.

  4. 4- Continuous improvement to university quality system to coup up with changes.


1. In coordination with academic staff development center a training course was held under the title (Quality System Management Certificate –( ISO 9001-2008) also many training courses were conducted to university staff and department secretary titled "Total Quality Management.

2. Quality Management System distributed an introductory leaflet in order to making all university working force acquainted with the concept of comprehensive quality – ISO as an international description for quality management 

3. Unification of managerial procedures in all academic faculties and departments at the university level and issuing guidance in this regard.

4. Preparing self-evaluation report at the university level to Higher Education Accreditation Commission and its Quality Assurance.

5. Conducting many meeting and workshops with university colleges to assist in preparation of their self-evaluation reports.

6. Conducting a workshop in coordination with Higher Education Accreditation Commission and its Quality Assurance titled "Quality Assurance Standards. During the 1st semester year 2016/2017.

7. Renewal of International Standards Certificate (ISO: 9001– 2008) tell 2018 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance company


  • Quality Assurance and Accreditation Office Manager/ Prof. Thair Kaddumi.

  • Eng. Seron Al-Ammouri​

  • ​Tel: 06-5609999   ---- Ext. 1491​