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About ASU

Deans Council


  1. Prof. Mahfouz Joudeh - University President – Board Head.

  2. Prof. Samiha Jarrah - University Vice President and Nursing Dean – Member.

  3. Prof. Salah Theyab - Economic and Business Administrative College Dean – Member.

  4. Prof. Iman Al-Bashiti - Nursing College Dean – Member.

  5. Dr. Suzan Abid - Scientific Research and Graduate Studies Acting Dean – Member.

  6. Dr. Iyad Nimir - Arts and Humanities Acting Dean – Member.

  7. Dr. Mohammad Al-Hijjawi - Information Technology Acting Dean – member.

  8. Dr. Ayman Abu Bakr - Engineering College Acting Dean – Member.

  9. Dr. Issam abu Awad - Art and Design College Acting Dean – Member.

  10. Dr. Omar Mahmoud I`amar Law College Acting Dean – Member.

  11. Dr. Asmahan Al-Tahir Students` Affairs Acting Dean – Member.

  12. Mr. Yasir Abdul Latif – Boards Secretary.



  • - Implementing the University policies.

  • - Approving plans, which secure the appropriate infrastructure to execute University objectives.

  • - Approving by-laws that govern organizational, financial and executive University affairs.

  • - Approving by-laws to govern employment and punitive measures that apply to all University personnel.

  • - Approving new University study plans.

  • - Conferring University academic degrees.

  • - Setting terms and conditions regarding students' admission and number of accepted students in light of the Ministry of Higher Education overall plans.

  • - Directing and overseeing studies aimed at establishing new faculties and new programs.

  • - Following-up the implementation of Faculty plans for teaching and research.

  • - Approving admission policies.

  • - Making policies regarding the size and quality of student enrollment.

  • - Applying for approval of new academic programs and new non-academic units.

  • - Making the final decision regarding Faculty members' promotion upon recommendation from the Appointment and Promotion Committee.