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ASU Center

Water Conservation Program

ASU campus water use efficiency

Reducing water consumption and protecting water quality are key objectives in sustainable buildings.

This project aims to sustainably use of the available resources in the Engineering Faculty at Applied Science University campus. Such as Grey water and harvested roof tops rain water.

The harvested rooftops water is to be collected in a concrete tank, the average monthly volume of the harvested rooftops water is 365 m3. Also the harvested rooftop rain water quality was tested before and after treatment where the results showed the water needs minimal treatment after which it becomes drinkable.

 The grey water volumes (in fall semester is 493 L/day, summer semester 364 L/day and the summer semester is 105 L/day). The treated grey water can be used in the re-flushing system of the university. Which saves the fresh water also it can be used for landscaping purposes where drought tolerance plants can cultivated.