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Master of Cyber Law



Definition of the specialization:

The Master's Program in "Cyber Laws" is a unique program in the Middle East, developed by the Faculty of Law at the Applied Science Private University to develop scientific research and law sciences in the field of legal studies specialized in modern technology, and to cover the labor market's need for legal cadres specialized in the field of cyber transactions and information technology, including researchers, professionals, interested and policymakers.

Program Features:

  • 1. The Master of Cyber Laws program is one of the programs run by the Faculty of Law in a well-established university environment, the Applied Science Private University, a leader in undergraduate education, scientific research and graduate studies.
  • 2. The program attracts graduate students at the national and regional levels due to the scarcity of specialization.
  • 3. Students enrolled in the program have a competitive advantage in the labor market due to the scarcity of specialized cadres in the cyber field.
  • 4. The program covers all branches of law in the public and private sections, and the student studies modern courses in all fields of knowledge of the law specialization.
  • 5. The student in the program gets a scientific experience different from what is prevalent in the traditional patterns of university education, as the college believes that learning is an interactive human experience that succeeds if the student is given his opportunity to discover knowledge and reproduce himself and his tools.
  • 6. The organizers of the Master's program in Cyber Law believe that students are able to absorb modern law sciences and the changes that have occurred in civil and commercial transactions, penal, administrative and constitutional systems, the openness of the world and the contact of different cultures that enrich the researcher in the legal field.
  • 7. The establishment of the Master's program in Cyber Law at the Faculty of Law came as one of the manifestations of the Faculty's obtaining French accreditation from the French Higher Council for the Development of Scientific Research and Higher Education in the bachelor's program.


1. Preparing cadres specialized in cyber laws

2. Enriching, developing and deepening electronic legal scientific research

3. Qualifying students to be at a high level of ability to apply cyber laws

4. Qualifying students to, legally, face modern technological developments