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Software Engineering


​​​This program provides the concepts and skills related to designing and building large and complex software systems subject to a number of important constraints such as cost, time and risk management. The program has been designed due to the need to qualify efficient and experienced software engineers who are able to work in the development of large and medium-sized software projects. It is expected to increase the need for qualified software engineers rapidly with the widespread adoption of online business management systems and the use of automation in addressing the information needs of the various sectors of society.

This program prepares graduates to work in all areas related to software development and engineering such as:

- Software analyst and designer

- Software projects manager

- Software documentation specialist

- Software testing and development specialist

- Software quality assurance specialist

- Software marketing

- Data base administrator and other.


Provide an excellent academic environment able to keep up with scientific and technical development in information technology particularly in the field of software engineering.


Prepare and qualify students in the field of software engineering through the development of their knowledge and skills through study plans that keep up with technical advances. Also, provide the latest educational methods and a variety of modern laboratories. In addition, the department keen to link the theoretical and practical aspects of the offered courses. The department also attracts outstanding teaching staff and encourages them to conduct scientific research and publish it in prestigious journals.


- Provide students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to develop software according to its specifications.

- Provide the latest techniques and tools and teaching aids that improve the efficiency of the educational process.

​- Update the study plan continuously in line with the latest developments and changes.

- Encourage faculty members and students to conduct scientific research.

- Align between the requirements of the labor market and educational outcomes.

- Prepare students for the labor market and develop their abilities to interact and communicate with others through active participation in field training programs.

- Develop the efficiency of faculty members to keep pace with developments in knowledge and technology.

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