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Computer Science

Overview and Objectives

​​The Department of Computer Science (CS) was established in the academic year 1991-1992 as the core department in the Faculty of Science. In 2002, the university established the Faculty of Information Technology, and the CS was hosted there. The CS offers three study programs:

 - The B.Sc. degree in Computer Science.

 - The Master degree in Computer Science.

 - The B.Sc. degree in Extended Reality and Game Development.​​

The Computer Science (CS) program provides an in-depth experience focusing on the theory and practice of computer science. The CS program focuses on preparing students to meet the advances in computer science through the use of various technologies by providing an excellent, in-depth background in computer science.

The undergraduate program has 13 faculty members and 212 students. The Faculty of Information Technology, including the Computer Science program, is accredited by the Higher Education Accreditation Council and by the Ministry of Higher Education in Jordan. In the year 2017, the faculty was awarded the Jordanian "Silver Level" Quality Assurance Certificate.

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