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Data Science and Artificial Intelligence


​​Data science and artificial intelligence have become one of the basic sciences required by the information technology industries and the business world in the modern era in various fields.

Data science includes the use of modern scientific methods, tools and methods in analyzing and processing data collected from various sources in order to extract knowledge, ideas and hidden patterns from data and analyze them for predictive purposes and help employers make better decisions to increase profits and innovate better products and services. As for artificial intelligence, it is a set of computer algorithms that simulate human intelligence by understanding data and learning from it so that the machine performs the human work more accurately in help decision-making processes and predicts the future.

Data science and artificial intelligence is an interdisciplinary program and complementary, as they employ theories and methods drawn from multiple fields of knowledge in the context of mathematics, statistics, information science, and computer science.

Companies are using data science and artificial intelligence in different sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, industry, e-commerce, social media analysis, self-driving cars, logistics, transportation, industry, education, entertainment, cybersecurity, virtual reality, and other fields.

Among the areas of work for a graduate in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence:

• Data Scientist

• Data Analyst

• Data Engineer

• Specialized in machine learning

• Smart Systems Developer

• Big data engineer

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