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​The Department of Architecture at ASU seeks to achieve integration of theory and practice in architectural education, within a standard of quality for teaching and for research, that has enabled ASU to produce graduates capable of facing tough challenges in the built environment, in Jordan and abroad. The Department of Architecture has, over the years, achieved a notable track record of success in that effort.


The Department of Architecture relies upon its academic core of educators and researchers for the production of graduates capable of transforming and improving their natural and built environments, and ones who have a dynamic and competitive professional character capable of responding to the everchanging demands of the workplace.


1- Attracting highly-qualified faculty capable of outstanding teaching and research.

2- Developing relationships with other academic and research institutions, locally, regionally and internationally

3- Spreading the spirit of creativity and innovation amongst the students in order to build a a strong competitive base.

4- Continuing to develop and improve the educational curriculum on medium intervals to cope with market demand.

5- Enhancing the research environment, and serving local community.

​6- Establishing new academic programs to serve Jordan's future development in a sustainable way.​