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Ayman A. AbuBaker

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Prof. Ayman A. AbuBaker

Faculty member

Prof. Ayman A. AbuBaker is a Professor at Electrical Engineering Department, Applied Science Private University. He got his BSc in Electrical Engineering on 1999. Then he got his PhD in Electronic Imaging and Media Communications (EIMC) from University of Bradford-UK. His main interests are image processing, machine learning, and intelligent mobile robots. He is specialist in processing medical images such as mammogram images, ultrasound images and MRI images. He was engineering vice dean and Electrical Engineering Department chair for two years. Nowadays, Prof. Ayman is faculty of Engineering and Technology Dean at Applied Science Private University, Amman-Jordan.  ​

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  • ​genetic algorithm applications​

  • ​design and implement embedded systems​

  • ​Fuzzy logic and Neural Networks and their applications​

  • ​intelligent mobile robot navigation system​

  • ​medical and solar image processing

  • ​machine learning​

  • ​Image processing​

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