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M.Sc. Intelligent Systems In Industrial Engineering


Intelligent Systems In Industrial Engineering

The master’s degree program promotes Smart Sustainable Industries and Intelligent Systems Engineering through the use of Data Science and industry 4.0. The master’s degree program works to satisfy the current pressing need for Smarter and more Sustainable practices across various industries by integrating data driven methods into decision making and planning activities related to real-world examples of intelligent supply chain, business excellence and total quality management. The program will emphasize practical proficiency by applying relevant skills through courses in statistical modeling, data management, machine learning, data visualization, research design, and data ethics. The proposed curriculum will enlighten engineers on the fundamentals of computer application in Industrial Engineering.

On the industrial level, there are many leading companies that supports the establishment of this program such as: Manaseer group, Nuqul, Orange, KHCC; where the program will provide organizations with new insights based on specific expertise in engineering. This delivers value to the owner-operator at all levels of the organization and leverages resources more efficiently.