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Civil Engineering


​​Department of Civil Engineering

In 1992, the Department of Civil Engineering was established at the Applied Science University (ASU). The department started its academic activities by offering a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. To fulfill the requirements of this degree, a student must complete 160 credit hours and a practical training for 8 consecutive weeks in civil engineering firms and organizations that are considered certified by the department.

Since 1992 till now, the Department of Civil Engineering has shown a significant increase in the number of students. The current number of students is 863, which represents the maximum allowable student/faculty ratio by the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education.

The department has a highly qualified academic staff with outstanding academic and industrial experiences in all branches of civil engineering including: structural engineering, transportation engineering, geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, hydraulic engineering, materials engineering, and construction management.

The department provides its students with all necessary facilities and laboratories equipped with state of the art machines and equipment. The department includes seven laboratories renovated continuously to ensure high quality teaching and maintaining high standards matching with modern techniques and contemporary innovations. The laboratories are supervised by trained civil engineers with high qualifications and sound experience.

Department Members:

The department of civil engineering consists of 12 faculty members. 9 PhD holders and 3 master's degree holders.

All faculty members are qualified with certified academic and practical expertise concerning all fields of civil engineering including structural engineering, transportation engineering, geotechnical engineering, water and environmental engineering, material engineering and project management.

The Faculty members follow up closely with students to keep up with the scientific and technological development, supervising contemporary graduation projects which earned several rewards on different sectorial and institutional levels in Jordan  


The department includes seven laboratories in various areas, which reflects the university concern about the importance of the applied education together with the theoretical education in its engineering programs.

Laboratories' Supervisors and Technicians

The department has 4 civil engineers supervise its laboratories, help with the preparation for experiments, run the machines, and train students.

Laboratories' Improvement

All the department laboratories were recently renovated with full financial support and guidance from the ASU. The renovation included supplying all laboratories with modern equipment, apparatus, and computers to meet national, regional, and international standards, and to make the laboratories available for the use and support of the community.​​