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Art and Design

About Faculty and History

​​About Faculty

The Faculty of Art and Design at the Applied Science Private University (ASU) has been a pioneer in teaching art and design since its establishment in 1992 as a Department of Fine Arts and in 2005 as a Faculty of Art and Design. The faculty has managed, since its inception and until today, to supply the local and the Arab markets with qualified staff in graphic and interior design. However, the increasing usage of advanced ways of thinking to solve complex global problems has prompted the Faculty of Art and Design to pursue new methods and approaches in teaching art and design. Since the establishment of the Faculty of Art and Design in 1992, the faculty members have believed FAD/ASU to be at the forefront, not only as an institution improving the impact of design, but also in terms of defining the role of a design school.

The main motivation behind the emergence of the Faculty was the provision of a specialized and creative technical environment for design education, which would raise the awareness of the students and the Jordanian community about the concept of art and design, and the significant role it plays in creating a new design culture. FAD/ASU alumni have a significant role in spreading this culture through their presence in different locations within the design industry in Jordan and abroad, representing the faculty in the best possible light.

​FAD/ASU have a diverse community, Jordanian and Arabs students who believe in developing their tools and methods of thinking monetary and innovation, providing a framework for students to practice soft skills. design critiques, student presentations, team projects, and deadlines are all opportunities for a student to improve their skills., aimed to serve Human and Society, through a set of laboratories and halls correlated and assigned to practice design, practicing the design process, to achieve the desired goals and therefore, it is very important to encourage them to make sure they take the responsibilities of their work and to aspire for personal ability.

Through a four years’ journey, the Students receives a combination of education and supervision by a team of academics, and practitioners of Art and Design. Supporting students with practice and knowledge to enable them to strengthen their various areas of expertise, urging and motivating them to develop their tools in thinking, planning and implementation.

FAD/ASU provides students with the possibility of specializing in a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, Design for Digital Media, Interior Design, or Fashion and Accessories Design. It also provides the possibility of pursuing a Master’s Degree in Interior Design. Adopting reflective practice which is the link between theory and practice and a powerful means of using theory to inform practice, thus promoting evidence based practice. Through a practical experience, it is expected to qualifies students to work within the team and to apply what they have learned in the design industry.

​These capabilities, by being environmentally friendly, creative and innovative, have helped the faculty  to move forward beyond what is traditionally, through a network of relationships with the international organizations specialized in the design, as well  the Academic ties with a group of institutes and universities around the world, which enable the faculty  to promote their students locally, regionally and globally.


The Faculty of Art and Design (FAD) started its scientific career as a fine arts department, containing both graphic design and interior design specializations in 1992, as a division of the science faculties then later the faculty of literature, before becoming the first private faculty for Art and Design in Jordan based on the decision of the ministry of higher education and scientific research number 285 dated /8/2007.

The main motivation behind the establishment of the faculty was the provision of an artistic environment specialized in design, which can provide students in college community and Jordan audience in general with a good level of awareness about the concept of art and design. It played a significant role in founding a new design culture.  College Graduates have had an important role in spreading this culture with their presence in different locations in the design industry market in Jordan and abroad, and representing faculty in the best way possible.

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