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Interior Design



The Department of Interior Design has been committed to academic standards in its field of specialization since it was founded in 1992. It has futuristic visions and is open to the outside while belonging to the inside, accommodating to the spirit of the current age and combining creative thought with functional performance.
The department’s mission is based on providing distinction in teaching the interior design within an environment where the student matters the most, relying on the traditions of liberalist arts that prepare the students to practice interior design in the 21st century. This environment combines between beauty and technology in the overall design of interior environments, including programming, space planning, finishing materials, fabrics, furniture and lightning.


The Department of Interior Design aims to introduce an academic program that is distinguished in interior design, and works on stimulating the creative spirit among students, by providing students with the knowledge and skills that qualify them to become involved in the labor market and also in the comprehensive development process.


To graduate a designer who is able to work in the interior design industry market, fulfil its needs, provide technical advice to institutions and factories that work in the same field, and to establish a link between the designer and the community by solving the problems in design industry market. This is done by honing the creative talents of designers to prepare leaders in the interior design field. 


• To produce a creative designer and a specialist thinker who can handle interior design needs, by introducing high quality educational programs that raise to the international standers and cover needs of the local community.
• To support students with skills and competencies that make them able to produce creative and distinct designs. These designs reflect their connection with the environment and its elements.
• To work within a scientific strategy to improve the reality of interior design education.
• To achieve an educational environment that stimulates students to practice scientific research by developing the knowledge and competencies of teaching members in the department.
• To prepare teaching plans that suit market needs to ensure the continuous development of teaching styles, and updating them to ensure and realize outputs that are compatible with the local and international markets.
• To hold conferences, seminars and specialized scientific workshops and harness the benefits of the technology related to interior design specialization.
• To strengthen the student’s relation with her/his college and department throughout his university life and after graduation. By integrating them with curricular and extracurricular activities within the college’s creative environment, to hone their talents and embed the competition spirit for the purpose of encouraging them to persevere, work hard, and develop themselves.

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