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Students Affairs

Students Affairs


Dr. Husam Alshrouf​

Dean of Students Affairs

The Deanship of Students is available to support the personality​ and the intellectual growth of student’s, and to help in explore and experience of different aspects of university life.  The faculty care about all students matters, and seeks to provide distinct university experience.

The faculty vision and mission is to developing students in all academic, professional, emotional, physical, and social aspects, and to building spirit of good citizenship.  The Deanship coordinates with the various departments in the university in order to achieve the targets.


The Deanship’s access to build a healthy, psychological psychic and mental generation. Thorough the development of students capacities, and stimulate their energies, development of positive values, to contribute effectively to serve the nation and motherland.


The Deanship of Students affairs’ organize student services and coordinates of methodological and extracurricular activities. The deanship is seeking to provide an academic environment, scientific, educational, to achieve overall growth of the of students intellectual, emotional, behavioral, physical, to produce outputs capable of overcoming the events of the modern times.

The division includes the departments of:

       • Office of the Dean of student affairs.

       • Department of sports activity.

       • Cultural and Social Activities

       • Department of Student services.

       • Psychological Counseling​​ office​.

Departments of the deanship found to take care of the needs of students and to provide advice and guidance, and to guide students through cooperation with various faculty’s and departments

To bringing the student to highest levels of potential in the areas of intellectual and artistic develop and professional skill, leadership development, and contribution to the larger community.


• To achieve the desired goals most of our interest will be by focus on​ the following:

1-Giving  attention to the students academically and build personality. Creating a university environment conducive to creativity and development of students’ talents and skills. 

2- Providing students with moral support, counseling and advice in order to help them. Overcome any problem that they may  encounter in their academic studies.

​3-Rendering services to special needs students in whatever they need during their studies at the University.

4-Organizing activities that enhance students’ personalities and promote their potential to become good citizens, believing in Allah and strongly attached to their country and community.

5-Overcome any problem that they may encounter in their academic studies.

The Office of the Dean

The Office of the Dean supervises the various departments in the faculty, representing the faculty on university and national committees, as well as handling all student issues including the disciplinary process. In addition, the office is responsible for the update and publication of the student guide which contains all the needed information for students including degree requirements for all majors and all the rules pertaining to it, disciplinary system and rules, and Student Union by-laws.

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