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Department of Basic Scientific Sciences


​The Department of Basic Science was established at the university in fulfillment of the university and Faculty's vision that targets students' needs for supportive or supportive materials and requirements for their different specializations in different faculties. The Department teaches basic scientific and practical courses such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and life sciences for students of applied scientific faculties; Engineering, pharmacy, information technology, nursing and science. The Department offers a number of optional university course courses. The Department seeks, with its various courses, to provide the student with the basic knowledge necessary to build his specialized knowledge structure in addition to providing him with basic manual skills essential to develop his/her specialized expertise later.


The most important objectives of the section are as follows:

1- Providing distinguished human resources based on managing and implementing the educational and research process in accordance with the high standards for teaching, education and scientific research.

2- Providing modern educational and technological tools and means to facilitate understanding of scientific knowledge and providing students with the necessary skills.

4- Keeping pace with the global education programs through the textbooks approved in the most prestigious international universities.

5- Approving plans for clear and specific study subjects to be provided to students at the beginning of the semesters, which include the content of the educational subject. 

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Department of Basic Scientific Sciences

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