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About Faculty and History

The Faculty of Science was established in 2023 and it includes three departments: The Department of Chemistry, Department of Mathematics and Department of Basic Science/Scientific. Study plans were prepared to link students with applied science, technology and industry.   Also, the faculty has equipped modern and advanced educational laboratories for all stages. 
The faculty is concerned with following up on updating study plans for its various departments and developing teaching programs for the bachelor’s level in a way that suits modern developments and the requirements of the local community, achieving quality standards in research and education, striving diligently towards global, academic excellence, preparing distinguished graduates and providing them with various scientific skills and experiences. The faculty is proud of the academic staff members who hold different academic ranks and graduated from the most prestigious Arab and International universities recognized for excellence and quality. They have research credits in international journal. 
Also the Faculty teaches basic scientific and practical courses such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and life sciences for students of applied scientific faculties; Engineering, pharmacy, information technology, nursing and science. The Faculty seeks, with its various courses, to provide the student with the basic knowledge necessary to build his specialized knowledge structure in addition to providing him with basic skills essential to develop his/her specialized expertise later.


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