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Pharmacy Practice Group


The Pharmacy Practice Group (PPG)

• To provide the society, in collaboration with our accredited community pharmacists, with well-established trained pharmacists competent in delivering counseling on the use of medications and medical devices, and different pharmaceutical services achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes.

• The Group is establishing an online program, allowing students and preceptor to interact remotely and efficiently on continuous basis. The program will include different tools and games and will be monitored by the Pharmacy Practice Group.

• The Group will also supervise the preparation and delivery of the three Training Modules embedded in the new Study Plan: Training 1, Training 2, Advanced Training.

• The Group will deliver and monitor the oral and written exams following to students’ training across the years, in addition to the OSCE. 

Modules that should be supervised by Pharmacy Practice group:

Training 1, Training 2, Training 3, OSCE. ​