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About Faculty


Status of ACEN accreditation of the faculty of Nursing​


The Faculty of Nursing was established as a department in the Faculty of Medical Sciences in 1992; and started as independent faculty in 2006. The faculty of Nursing established a clinical master program which started 2013-2014 by which it is the first program accredited among all other private universities.​

​Faculty of Nursing Departments: 

Community Health Nursing Department

Clinical Nursing Department

Maternal and Child Health Nursing Department

​The Faculty of Nursing offers a distinct atmosphere of study. It deals with students on a strong academic basis. The departments provide courses according to the study plan including both theoretical and practical subjects. The faculty of nursing aims to improve the students' skills by the use of problem solving techniques, the use of scientific research and focuses on self-development and performance improvement. It stresses on the importance of obtaining new and updated knowledge in order to keep successful changes in health field at all levels locally, regionally and globally.


Excellence in education and scientific research skills at the local, regional and international levels


​Provides the Jordanian society and the region with competent nurses that are able to improve health care services and demonstrate leadership roles at health care sectors.

1. Respect
2. Privacy
3. Professionalism
4. Transparency
5. Justice & Equity
6. Teamwork
7. Creativity & Innovation​