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Political Science


Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science is one of the academic departments within the College of Arts and Sciences since the academic year 2006/2007. It was initially established as a department affiliated with the College of Economics since the university's founding in 1991, under the name of the Department of Political Science and Diplomatic Studies. Currently, it operates under the College of Arts and Humanities.

This distinctive program stands out for its nomenclature and comprehensive curriculum, a rarity among Jordanian universities. Supervised by a selected group of faculty members, who are graduates of European and Arab universities, the department instructs approximately 1500-2000 students each semester across three specializations: Political Science, International Relations, and Diplomatic Studies.

The approved credit hours for obtaining a Bachelor's degree in this field are 136, divided comprehensively among the three specializations. Students conclude their studies by preparing a graduation research project under the guidance of department faculty, in addition to undergoing practical training in a Jordanian government or private institution, or in the student's home country, as per their preference, under the supervision of both academic and field specialists.

Motivations for students to pursue this specialization include its global relevance and significant importance in understanding other societies' cultures. Furthermore, it offers a broad exploration of political science through its three specializations: Political Science, International Relations, and Diplomatic Studies.

The objectives of teaching this specialization are twofold: to produce a generation capable of reading and analyzing the political future of any global or regional issue based on political evidence, and to comprehend political science theories theoretically, describe and analyze them, and potentially apply them in a practical manner.

Upon graduation, students can pursue careers in various entities, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its missions abroad, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, public and private media institutions, advisors and coordinators in legislative bodies, political analysts in government agencies, international organizations, political parties, unions, and public relations roles in banks, large national, regional, and international institutions. Additionally, they may work as international employees in public international organizations, both governmental and non-governmental.

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Department of Political Science

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