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Audiovisual and Mass Media Translation


​Master’s Program in Audio-Visual and Mass Media Translation:

This program is the first of its kind in the field of translation in the Kingdom where the student is granted a master's degree after passing 33 credit hours, according to the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientifi​c Research. Based on the vision and mission of the Applied Science Private University and its general objectives, the English Language and Translation Department aspires, through offering this program, to actively contribute to training students to deal with one of the most contemporary and growing fields of translation that abounds in theoretical and practical research opportunities in broad sectors. It also aims to enrich an essential aspect of the labor market in the areas of movie translation, dubbing, voice recognition, voice description, and linking audio conversations.

Why Master in Audiovisual and Media Translation?

1. This program helps in mastering the technical and practical skills needed in the field of translation of films, documentaries, dubbing, and voiceover for people with hearing and vision impairment.
2. Gaining knowledge of modern specialized software and skills related to transmitting cultural and social connotations.
3. Enhancing students' skills in simultaneous and Consecutive interpreting in conferences, press interviews, and in-depth study of various literary and artistic texts that social media may cover.
4. Students in the program use several specialized facilities, such as an interpreting lab and a multimedia lab that contains advanced visual and audio translation software.

Career Paths for graduates of the program 

1. Audiovisual media domains: Subtitling (film subtitling), Dubbing, Voice-over, and others.
2. Various Media domains, Satellite Channels, artistic and technical production companies.
3. Pursuing a PhD in Translation studies to join higher education and Research Institutions.  
4. Local and Civil Society Institutions and International Organizations.
5. Free translation.

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