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​​​The marketing department at the Faculty of Business was established in 1991 as one of the academic departments that accompanied the foundation of the Applied Science Private University. The Department of Marketing with its Bachelor’s and Master’s programs received the IIMP international accreditation granted by the International Association of Professional Marketers, located in Canada. This is indeed a milestone, qualifying the Department of Marketing at FOB to be the first academic department in Jordan and the Middle East to get this accreditation for the academic programs at a time.

Marketing as an academic program at ASU is considered the first of its kind in the Jordanian universities at the time. The idea of introducing such an academic program came as a result of the growing interest in the contemporary concepts of marketing along with the increasing need for national qualified and skilful marketing workforce.

Over the past years, number of the department's graduates has increased significantly, reaching 3313 graduates at the end of Summer Semester 2017/2018. Our graduates are highly recognized and valued by a wide variety of local and Arab companies. This can be clearly evidenced by the fact that many of our graduates are currently occupying leading positions in several well-known firms locally and across borders. In addition, a number of local leading firms are tracking and recruiting our graduates each semester. 

The department of marketing shows a keen concern to continually upgrade its programs and to update its curricula. In line with this, the department has introduced the new track (MARKETING in ENGLISH), followed by establishing a new program at the postgraduate level, awarding MASTER'S DEGREE in MARKETING. Furthermore, a significant attention is paid to the practical side of teaching as well as boosting a student's communication skills, personality, and personal presence, as the main competences of successful marketers. Attention is also paid to the growing importance of Information Technology and its role in shaping the new era of marketing, which are addressed in some specialized program's modules.

The Department of Marketing awards the Bachelor's Degree of Marketing (English and Arabic), Bachelor's Degree in Digital Marketing as well as the Master's Degree of Marketing. Furthermore a new major (Digital Marketing) has been recently added to academic programs being offered by the department. The new major has been approved by the Council of Higher Education in Jordan and will start admitting students at the beginning of the academic year 2020/2021. The department includes a group of faculty members with academic competencies and practical expertise. Most of them are graduates of various distinguished British universities, with different academic degrees, ranks, and specific scientific disciplines.

The Department of Marketing is looking to a continual entrepreneurship and excellence in its academic programs, scientific research, and community service.


To prepare graduates who are academically qualified and specialized in the field of marketing through providing a comprehensive educational environment, supporting scientific research, and encouraging effective partnership with community-based organizations.​

Department Goals

- To develop modern academic programs and supportive learning environment.

- To prepare and qualify specialised graduates to work in various marketing fields and to pursue their higher studies in marketing.

- To develop and motivate the innovative and practical skills of students in different marketing fields.

- To strengthen the relationship with the local and Arab community-based organizations in order to contribute to the creation of job opportunities for graduates in both the local and Arab markets.

- To recruit and develop outstanding faculty members as well as to encourage and support academic research within the department.​

Intended Learning Outcomes

The marketing department, with its various programs, seeks to achieve several goals and to provide graduates with different skills. The main learning outcomes can be summarized as follows: 

- Students will obtain the latest theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of marketing.

- Students will have the ability to apply problem-solving skills when facing different marking issues.

- Students will develop effective communication skills in different marketing areas.

- Students will develop team-working skills.

- Students will have the ability to demonstrate their understanding of the ethical and social responsibilities related to marketing activities.​

Job Opportunities Available to Graduates

It is important that our graduates understand the career options available to them in the market as a holder of a certificate of Marketing major. Therefore, below are examples of common job titles for Marketing major recipients, include but (are not limited) to:

  • - Marketing Manager

  • - Digital Marketing Manager

  • - Sales Manager

  • - Sales Supervisor

  • - CRM Supervisor/Officer

  • - Social Media Marketing Manger

  • - E-mail Marketing Specialist

  • - Mobile Marketing Specialist

  • - SEO Specialist  

  • - Content Marketing Specialist