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Business Administration


​​​​About the Department 

  1. The Department of Business Administration started operations in October 1991, within the College of Business, at the Applied Science Private University. The program grants a bachelor’s degree in business administration in addition to a master’s program in digital business administration.​ The department essentially aims to effectively contribute to achieving the mission and objectives of the college and thus achieve The University’s mission and goals are to provide the highest levels of education to meet the needs of economic and social development, and to meet the needs of the labor market, at both the Jordanian and Arab levels. The department also offers a bachelor's program in business administration with two tracks: Arabic and English. The Department of Business Administration at the College of Business includes an elite group of faculty members with distinguished academic and research qualifications and experience capable of providing students with the latest knowledge and techniques related to administrative sciences that enable them to innovate and confront modern economic and administrative challenges​


The Department of Business Administration seeks to continuing entrepreneurship and excellence in its academic programs, research activities and its contribution to community service.​


To prepare graduates who are qualified academically and specialized in the business field. Through providing a comprehensive educational environment, supporting the scientific research, and encouraging partnerships with the local community.


- Providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills to qualify them for the market.

- Attracting and retain distinguished faculty members.

- Moving forward the level of scientific research in the field of business administration.

- Strengthening partnership with local community institutions to achieve community development.

Learning Outcome: 

Students will acquire the most recent theoretical and practical knowledge in Business Administration.

- Students will develop problem solving skills.

- Students will develop effective communication skills.

- Students will develop relevant team-working skills.

- Students will demonstrate that they understand ethical and social responsibilities

This program prepares students to work in several posts in private and public sectors as follows:

1- Manager/ officer

2- Human Resources Management (Manpower planning, Recruitment, Development

And Training… etc.).

3- Production Management.

4- Public relations Management (Mass Media, Communication…. etc.).

5- Statistical Analysis.

6- Office Manager.

7- Organizational Behavior Research.​

8- Materials Management (Procurement, Stores… etc.).

9- Research and Development Department.

10- Operations Management (Planning, Scheduling, Control).

11- Total Quality Management.

12- Strategic Management