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​The Applied Science Private University Health Services (ASUHS) is a semi comprehensive health facility. Whether you are an undergraduate student or a staff member, you can enjoy convenience of having most of your health care at one convenient location.

Primary care physicians and nurse practitioners at (ASUHS) provide medical care for the prevention and treatment of illness and injury, diagnostic testing, ongoing medical care, routine physical exams.

We are here to help you develop a balanced approach to well being and guide you to incorporate health activity into your life. We are experienced in meeting the health needs of students and staff.

 The priorities of our health care system are: 

  • Keeping the individual outside the area of direct medical care

  • Early detection of disease and quick return to healthy status

  • Limiting the influx of patients to secondary and tertiary care facilities

  • All ASU students are automatically covered by the health services

  • The student health fee covers services provided at the university clinic for routine health care, and specialty services are available to them at no additional cost. Moreover included in the fee are lab test, x-ray, and the prescription drug benefit, medically indicated hospitalization, and surgical operations.

Any case that needs hospital treatment, specialist consultation can be treated on the following bases:

​The referral hospital is only Ibn AL-Haytham hospital and the student should be registered in the current semester and should have document of registration

Should have a referral form from the university clinic

No treatment between semesters

Surgical operations can be done after two semesters


   Emergency cases that can be treated at Iba AL-Haytham hospital with out referral form are:

  • Appendicitis
  • Angina, myocardial infraction
  • Bones fracture
  • Burn 2nd – 3rd degree
  • Food poisoning
  • Renal colic
  • Deep wound
  • Foreign body in the eye or ear
  • Otherwise the student will have to pay for all the medical services
  •  Exceptions from services:
  1. Disability or disease that arises before enrolment at the university and diseases of congenital anomaly.

  2. Psychiatric, neurological and mental diseases, epilepsy, and treatment of addiction to alcohol and drugs.

  3. Cosmetic surgery or treatment, acne, nasal septum deviation, nasal turbinate, nasal polyp, various cosmetic operations that is not the result of an accident in university, hair loss and skin diseases).

  4. Heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, allergies, vaccinations and physical therapy.

  5. The cost of installation hearing aid device, hearing loss treatment, visual disorder treatment, the cost of glasses or lenses, treatment of endocrine diseases (hormonal disturbances) 

  6. Dental and gums care with all types of processing

  7. Playground injuries, warts, corns, skin pigmentation, asthma, and communicable diseases.

  8. Vitamin, tonics, crepe bandage, soap, shampoo, crutches, and medical boot.

  9. Pregnancy, diagnosis and treatment of infertility, contraception,  hormones, menstrual disorders, varicose veins, ovarian cyst and venereal diseases.

  10. Any disease or illness of spine, joints, CT scan, MRI, endoscope procedures and Ultrasound.

  11. Injuries resulting from riots quarrels and traffic accidents, self-abuse and alcohol or drug adverse health consequences.

  12. Cancers and all types of tumors.

  13. Surgical operations can be done after two semesters are completed

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