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National and International Accreditations

Why ASU?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Applied Science Private University occupies a prominent and advanced position among educational institutions locally and internationally and is concerned with providing various sectors and various fields of science and knowledge with distinct qualitative competencies that are able to meet the needs of the labour market.


Among the most important features of the university is that it obtained many local and international accreditations and classifications, and this comes to:

  • -  Confirm their application to the standards of quality education in its various specialties.
  • -  Open the way for partnerships with prestigious international universities.
  • -  Contribute to attracting distinguished educational cadres.
  • -  Give its students many advantages, so the university's education outputs are in line with those in international universities and are eligible to compete strongly in the labour market.
  • -  Increase the chances of university graduates to recruit in local and international community institutions.
  • -  Contribute to providing the university graduates with the opportunity to compete efficiently in the academic places to complete their higher education in international universities.​​​

2/5/2023 3:52 PM