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ASU Library

Vision, Mission, Objectives & Values

The vision

Enhancing and maintaining the level of services and performance in the library in order to reach advanced levels and competition in order to achieve the strategic objectives of the university.


Supporting the process of teaching, learning, and culture to raise the level of scientific research and community service and development.

The strategic objectives of the library​​

  •  1- Seeking to participate in global databases and to diversify the paper and electronic holdings.

  •  2- Providing a comfortable and attractive environment for library visitors and users.

  •  3-  Becoming a strong center among university libraries, locally and internationally.

  •  4- Speed and accuracy in performance and flexibility in the services provided to the beneficiaries.


  • 1- Institutional work.

  • 2- Virtue.

  • 3- Cooperation and teamwork.

  • 4- Belonging.

  • 5- Creativity and innovation.

  • 6- Respect for intellectual property.​

6/22/2022 2:42 PM