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ASU Library

Library Services

​​The library supports educational, teaching and research activities of the university, preserves intellectual production and makes it available via the information channels it has organized inside the library to make access to the material easy for the teaching and administrative staff and students, in addition to its visitors from outside the university. The library offers information services from the materials existing in it, provides opportunities for study and research, and secures the appropriate atmosphere for its visitors. 

Borrowing is a mechanism made via the user's number (students, employees, teaching staff members) which is printed on the university ID card of the user. A student or an employee ​can borrow three books at a time for two weeks. A teaching staff member can borrow ten books at a time for one semester. 

The books are indexed and cataloged according to Dewey Decimal Catalog which divides knowledge into ten sources, each source has ten branches. These are symbolized by numbers and letters and are all computerized.    

The Periodical Section offers the service of research in periodicals and photocopying articles. Other technical sections (acquisition, indexing, cataloging, and computerization) are responsible for developing library groups, technical processing, and drawing up electronic reports according to specialization and specific accreditation of each academic specialization.

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