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ASU Library

Library Sections

The library contains the following sections :

1. Acquisition Section

This is a technical section . It is responsible for following up all kinds of information materials , purchasing books, references and all audiovisual materials in addition to dedication and exchange , and binding library materials . 

Telephone extension : 1750

E-Mail :

2. Indexing and Cataloging Section

In arranging its library materials , the library adopts criteria and systems recognized internationally . It uses the Anglo-American Indexing rules as well as Dewey Decimal Catalog.

Telephone extension : 1582


3. Computerization and Internet Section

The Computerization Section ensures the proper use of the library computerized system , and periodically makes the necessary maintenance to the computer equipment . The internet is available to all users free only for academic and research purposes . The supervising official trains users and helps them in preparing research works whenever necessary .

Telephone extension : 1128, 1587

E-Mail : lib_computer@asu,

4. Borrowing and Reference Service Section

This Section is charged with helping users to access information materials . It also offers borrowing services to students , officials , and teaching staff members who hold the university ID card .

Telephone extension : 1540 , 1548


5. Periodicals Section

The Periodicals Section comprises the two halls of current periodicals and bound periodicals . The hall of current periodicals contains the scientific Arabic and foreign periodicals of accreditation in each specialization as well as general periodicals .

Telephone extension : 1586,1535


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