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ASU Library

Library Sections

​​The library contains the following sections :

1. Acquisition Section

This is a technical section. It is responsible for following up on ​all kinds of information materials, purchasing books, references, and all audiovisual materials in addition to dedication and exchange, and binding library materials. 

Telephone extension : 1597


2. Indexing and Cataloging Section

In arranging its library materials, the library adopts criteria and systems recognized internationally. It uses the Anglo-American Indexing rules as well as Dewey Decimal Catalog.

Telephone extension : 1597


3. Computerization and Internet Section

The Computerization Section ensures the proper use of the library computerized system, and periodically makes the necessary maintenance to the computer equipment. The internet is available to all users free only for academic and research purposes. The supervising official trains users and helps them in preparing research work whenever necessary.

Telephone extension : 1128​

E-Mail : lib_computer@asu,

4. Borrowing and Reference Service Section

This Section is charged with helping users to access information materials. It also offers borrowing services to students, officials, and teaching staff members who hold the university ID card.

Telephone extension : 1540 


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