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Bachelor of Law Program


Course No.Course Name
601112Sources of obligation
601213Principles of obligation
601214 Nominated  Contracts (sale & rent)
601224Electronic Commerce law
601284Legal Terminology  (English or French)
601315Labor law & Social Security
601318Intellectual property 
601326Commercial Companies and Insolvency
601341Principles of C​​ivil Procedures
601416Property Law
601417International Private Law
601423Commercial Papers and Banking Operations
601443Law of Evidence
601444Execution Law
601111Introduction to the Law
601121Principles of commercial law
602234Electronic Administrative Law
602254International Public Law (2)
602264Information Technology Crimes
602272Constitutional law (2)
602366Criminal Law- Special Part (1)
602367Criminal Law- Special Part (2)
602431dminstrative Judical Review 
602432Public Finance & Taxation
602442Criminal Procedures
602445Judicial Implementations
602130Administrative Law
602152International Public Law (1)
602161Criminal Law ( general part)
602171Consititutional Law (1)