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Faculty of Law

Faculty Board

​​​Faculty Council​ 2023 -2024


​Position ​

​Dr. Hamza Abu Issa​​

Dean of the faculty /the head  of the faculty Council

​Dr. Majd Waleed Manasra

Head of the Private Law Department / Member and Rapporteur​

​​Dr. Abdullah Alkhseilat​​​

​Head of the Public Law Department/ Member

Dr. Tareq AL-Billeh​​

​Representative of the Public  Department/Member

Dr. Mohammad Saeed ALsheyab​

​Representative of the Private  Department/Member

​Adv. Eyad Abu ARKOUB  ​

Representative of the Local Community / faculty graduate / Member​

​Adv. Waleed Aledwan

Representative of the Local Community/  Vice President of the Bar Association/ Member​​

Private Law Department

​Dr. Majd Al-Manasra 

Head of the Private Law Department

Dr. Muhammad Saeed Al-Sheyab  

 Representative of the Private  Department/ in the Faculty Council

Dr. Mahmoud Ismail

Dr. Lana Al Khalailah

Dr. Yousriya Abdel Al-Jaleel

Lecturer. Noor Al-Khawaja

Public Law Department

 Dr. Hamza Abu Issa  

Dean of the Faculty

Dr. Abdullah Al-Khasailat 

Head of the Public Law Department

Dr. Tariq Al-Ballah

Representative of the Public Department in the Faculty Council​

Dr. Noor Al-Hindi

Dr. Ahmed Al-Refaei

Dr. Ali Al-Hamouri​​

Lecturer. Mohammad Khater 

Assistant Dean​