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Faculty of Law

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Dr. Hamza Abu Issa​

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​Amman Arab Universit​y







Dean's Message

​For those who wish to know all about our faculty which was founded over twenty five years, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website. 

The Faculty of Law has a different specialty than those of other colleges because it teaches and trains students to protect other's rights and freedoms. Which lasts which people over their life legal wo/men is in general entrusted to the lives and symptoms of people. 

We are keen in the Faculty of Law to consolidate the humanitarian message of the law as there is no a site in the public and private sectors either regionally or internationally could be driven without legal management. 

One of the important features of the  Faculty of Law at the Applied Sciences Private University is bringing together both the theoretical and practical teaching as it provides training workshops for students (internal and external), and allocating a courtroom for mote training and presentation of virtual issues that students apply in practice. 

We are in Faculty of Law continuously pay efforts to attract qualified faculty members the our goal is graduating distinguished legal people entitled to passing the Bar Association and Judicial Competition examinations and taking them to important positions in various legal and advisory sectors at different locations inside and outside the country.