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Faculty of Law

Arbitration and legal consultaion center


Arbitration and Legal Consultation Center of the Faculty of Law at the Applied Sciences Private University was established in 2013 in order to provide legal services for the local community, and a basic training for the students of the faculty on performing legal consultations and practicing arbitration. The center has also the task of conducting training workshops and giving specialized lectures.



Having a proper educational environment in this field, especially locally, considering the increase needs to alternative mode of dispute resolving.



Endorse arbitration, mediation and conciliation as safe means to resolve civil and commercial disputes.



Spreading a culture of alternative modes of resolving disputes, improving its practice, and creating bilateral relations with peer centers.


Organizational Chart:

The center consists of a director, vice director, members, and secretaries. The director of the center is one of the faculty members in the college, and his appointment is issued by presidential order, while the board is composed of faculty members, nominated by the director and approved by the dean of the faculty.



Center services:

Arbitration and Legal Consultations Center provides legal services on the following topics:

1- Insurance

2- Transportation

3- Companies

4- Banks

5- E-commerce

6- Intellectual, industrial and commercial property

7- International commercial arbitration