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About Faculty

The Law Department at the University of Applied Special Sciences began in the beginning of the first academic year 1991/1992 through the Department of Law and Islamic Law / Faculty of Arts. The Law Department was transformed into an independent law college in 1993/1994. It has two departments; the first one is public law and the second private law. And the number of hours in the study plan to obtain a bachelor's degree in the Faculty of Law (141) credit hours after it was (129) credit hours.

College Message

The college's name indicates the integrity of its mission. It is the college that teaches people the rights and how to recognize them and instills in their students a sense of justice and the need for a law to achieve it. The most important thing in the curriculum of the Faculty of Law is that it deepens the legal knowledge given to its students, In order to be the basis of society in the political, administrative, economic, social and moral fields.

College Vision

To be the Faculty of Law at the forefront of distinguished colleges in the legal aspects locally, regionally and internationally

And play an active role in the development and renaissance of society in various legal fields at the local level, especially the Arab in general, and in the development of administrative and academic performance to serve this vision

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