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Faculty of Law

About Faculty


Legal study at the Applied Sciences Private University has been officially inaugurated in 1991 through the Department of Law and Islamic Law, under the Faculty of Arts. In 1993, the Department was transformed into an independent faculty of law. 

The Faculty sits the oldest private faculty of law in Jordan, it is one of the finest law faculties in the country, renowned for the quality of its teaching.

Today, the Faculty incorporates the Arbitration and Consultation Center which aims to training the students as well as serving the social community.​


Pioneering in modern university education, and development of scientific research, and serving society renaissance and achieving excellence locally, regionally and internationally with knowledge and virtue tools. 


Preparing specialized, qualified cadres equipped with knowledge and skills, through a highly qualified teaching and administrative staff, qualified facilities, training programs and scientific research, within a supportive university environment related to freedom of thinking and argument, in order to serve Jordan and the Arab region also participating in solving international issues that is characterized with mutual humanitarian perspective / dimension.


1- Mastery: The faculty is keen in mastering its mission and controlling its work quality.

2- Humanization: The faculty believe that education is a valued human experience between the related parties.

3- Integrity: The faculty is committed toward the integrity of its orientation and methods and dealing with honesty and justice.

4- Creativity: The faculty encourage its staff and students on creativity and originality.

5- Belonging and Cooperation: The faculty staff believe in team work that its belonging to the whole institution and the project.

6- Institutional Work: The faculty is keen to institutionalize its decisions, procedures with impartiality and objectivity. 7- Social Responsibility: The faculty do work toward the enforcement the tendency of students’ civil responsibility and virtue toward their society.​