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Shatha Fawzi Awawdeh

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Dr.Shatha Fawzi Awawdeh

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I graduated from Yarmouk University with a bachelor degree of Computer Engineering in 2008, and I have worked in the University of Jordan during the period (2009-2013). After that I travelled to Australia where I completed my Master Degree in Software Engineering with a high distinctive achievement in 2015.  I got a scholarship from University of Sydney to complete my PhD degree but I could not study there for special circumstances.
I have completed my PhD degree in AI and Data Science from the University of Jordan with a GPA of 3.92. During my study I have taken many courses in Computer Science but I have always found that AI and Data Science courses were the closest to me, and that is why I chose to work and   complete my dissertation in this field. 
My dissertation was about handling missing data using evolutionary algorithms in the context of supervised learning. Moreover, I worked many projects with real datasets in the medical field because of my belief in the importance of applying what we learn theoretically in real life to serve humanity. For example, we have built an intelligent system based on data mining techniques for prediction of preterm birth for women with cervical cerclage. Furthermore, I worked on a medical model to predict the vaginal birth after cesarean section for Jordanian population to reduce the rates of cesarean deliveries in our country.

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  • Artificial Intellegence, Data science , Machine learning, Data mining, medical informatics.​

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Dr.Shatha Fawzi Awawdeh

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