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Computer Science

Database and Application of Database


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Introduction to Database, Characteristics of the Database approach. Database users: Actors on the scene and workers behind the scene, Advantages of Using the DBMS Approach. When Not to Use a DBMS. 1

Terminology (Data Model, Schema and Instance). 3-level Architecture and Data Independence. Database Languages and Utilities. Centralized and Client/Server architecture, Classifications of Database Management Systems. 2
Using High-Level Conceptual Data Models for Database Design, Sample Database Application Entity Types. Entity Sets, Attributes, and Keys, Relationship Types, Relationship Sets, Roles, and Structural Constraints. Weak Entity Type and recursive entity type. Refining the ER Design for the COMPANY Database ER Diagrams, Naming Conventions, and Design Issues, Relationship Types of Degree Higher than Two.
Relational Model Concepts. Characteristics of Relations. Relational Model Constraints, Relational Model Operations. Operations that cause constraint violations. 4

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