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Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing

About Department



Excellence in the educational and research fields at the regional and global level in the field of Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing to suit the needs of the local labour market, considering the local and international quality standards.


Preparing national competencies to provide the local community with qualified professionals and researchers in the field of Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing, which contributes to the development of the infrastructure to provide cybersecurity and cloud computing services required to improve the performance of public and private institutions in the Kingdom by providing an advanced and new study program based on the requirements of the labour market and the latest research this field.

Program Educational Objectives:​

1.  Enhancing governance in all aspects of work, supporting and motivating faculty members to conduct scientific research to ensure the quality of the Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing program and support the local community with practical solutions.

2.  Updating the study plans of the program to raise the academic level to bring it to be regional and global competitiveness and identify emerging techniques and methods that are commensurate with the needs of the labour market.

3.  Providing students with cutting-edge knowledge, skills, and activities necessary to work effectively within teams to analyze cybersecurity and cloud computing problems and design appropriate solutions to enable them to excel and innovate while adhering to the professional, legal and ethical framework for competition in the labour market and the ability to commence postgraduate studies.

4.  Attracting distinguished students to join the Department of Cyber Security and Cloud Computing.

Student Outcomes:

1.  The ability to analyze a complex computing problem and to apply principles of Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing, and other relevant disciplines to identify solutions.

2.  The ability to design, implement, and evaluate a computing-based solution to meet a given set of Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing requirements.

3.  The ability to communicate effectively in a variety of professional contexts. 

4.  The ability to recognize professional responsibilities and make informed judgments in computing practice based on legal and ethical principles.

5.  The ability to function effectively as a member or leader of a team engaged in activities appropriate to the program's discipline to maintain systems functioning.

6.  ​The ability to apply appropriate principles and practices to maintain operations in the presence of risks and threats.

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