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Information Technology

About Faculty

​The Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) has faculty members at various levels of academic ranking (professors, associate professors, and assistant professors) supported by professional technical staff that are supporting the following three academic departments:

​​Department of Master in Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

Department of Software Engineering

The college is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories that use hardware, software and educational tools that meet the needs of students, faculty and academic programs that are offered. In addition, the College has Lecture Halls that are also equipped with the necessary educational facilities and tools. The college always seeks to update its educational facilities in order to stay competitive. All computers in the college are connected to a local area network and to the internet. The Faculty’s building is equipped with a wireless LAN. The college seeks to provide state-of-the-art educational programs that are consistent with local and international standards.

We are proud to win through our students many National and Regional contests in the field of IT. Recently, a group of our students has achieved the second place in ITSAF2011 that students from almost all the Jordanian universities have participated in. In the Orange Apps Awards 2011, another group of our students has also achieved the second place for Entertainment category.

The Faculty of Information Technology seeks to excel in all academic and administrative aspects. It continuously improves its programs and facilities in order to cope up with the needs of the local community and the entire region. In addition, it tries to meet the highest possible quality standards in education, scientific research and comprehensive support for students.

To graduate students of excellent quality who are able to engage in the labor market in the public and private sectors, or enroll in programs of higher academic studies. The college tries to stay in touch with its graduates (alumni) after they leave.


The College believes in the importance and necessity of excellence and continuous development of the educational process and has adopted a vision that is in line with the vision of the university and the Royal Vision "Jordan is a beacon of knowledge and knowledge". Hence, the College's vision was to achieve academic excellence and to develop practical disciplines that suit the needs of the market and in line with local and international standards, and to develop research partnerships with colleges and technical companies inside and outside Jordan and to support and develop the local community.


Continuing improvement of the faculty scientific and academic environment through the provision of modern disciplines, scientific research, developing creative human resources and dominating the quality governance standards.  Achieving excellence in forming partnerships with the academic, industrial and society sectors, with the purpose of satisfying the market needs of graduates and developing stakeholders and community.​


The College of Information Technology derives its values from the values of the university, which are as follows:

1. Institutional work.

2. Belonging.

3. Cooperation and teamwork.

4. Virtue.

5. Creativity and innovation to reach excellence.


The College formulated a set of goals based on its vision and mission, which focuses on:

1. Raise the academic quality in the college and strengthen the governance in all aspects of the college.

2. Developing academic programs.

3. Provide a distinct environment for teaching and learning.

4. Attracting outstanding students.

5. Attracting distinguished teaching staff.

6. Formation and strengthening of research and technical partnerships.

7. Service and development of the local community.


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