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Information Technology


Testimonial ​​1
I was absolutely impressed by ASU student’s passion, teamwork and dedication. They self-formed very well organized teams that included a variety of skills from design and programming to presentation skills. It paid off big time as they had two teams in the top 3! Also, they were one of the few teams that literally did not sleep during the hackathon to achieve their goals

​Ayman Afanah  Technology Evangelist Lead  Office: 962.6.5504272
Mobile: 962.795.490585

Testimonial 2
​“ The students of ASU have shown impressive passion, teamwork and dedication during their participation in WOWZAPP 2012 Hackathon. They self-formed very well organized teams that included a variety of skills from design and programming to presentation skills. Their hard work and dedication paid off as there were 2 teams who made it to the top 3! Their perseverance to reach their goals was truly outstanding.”
Sima Koro Regional Marketing Communications Lead Microsoft North Africa Easmed & Pakistan
Office: 962.6.5503431 Mobile: 962.777.553388

Testimonial 3
Looking at the spirit within the team work and dedication towards success makes anyone feels proud of the ASU students for their creativity and coping with technology and modern trends.
Having said that, no one can deny the provided support from the Faculty to help the students leverage their potential and go higher with aims and ideas among the competition with other highly skilled teams.

 Testimonial 4

 I have the chance to meet the ASU students at the first Windows 8 Hackthone in Jordan which was held at PSUT. I was the competition organizer on the university side. There were almost 4 different teams from ASU. All teams share the spirit of team work, self motivation, and strong discipline. This competition is 24 hours challenge. Therefore, team work and discipline are great issues. ASU’s students show great potential and team work quality. I was amazed by how they had arranged tasks to each other and assigned jobs for the team members.
Great job Guys and wish all the best!!!!
I have been involved in organizing the ACM national and regional competition ICPC since a while. Last time we had the honor to collaborate with ASU in hosting the Arab Regional 2012. What was amazing about this competition is not only the great success of this competition but also the unbelievable volunteering work spirit of both PSUT and ASU students. It was the first time that I witness a fight over who want to serve and help people more.  They both offer their best to help and make the ACM ICPC Arab regional 2012 a true success.
Keep it up guys and ISA Jordan will be so proud of you all.
Ashraf M. A. Ahmad, PhD.
ACM ICPC Levant Region Chairman and Arab Region Steering Committee Member


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