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Extended-Reality and Games Development


The Extended Reality and Games Development Program started in the academic year 2022–2023. Its goal was to keep up with the fast changes and growing use of extended reality technologies in the gaming industry, both locally and around the world. The Extended Reality and Game Development program is a sub-discipline within Computer Science. This program focuses on the practical application of extended reality technologies in addition to the development of games to build innovative new solutions for how we interact with people and the world around us to keep pace with the radical shifts in the production and consumption of digital media products within immersive environments (simulating the physical world through a digital world) that were not possible before.

The computer science program forms the backbone of this program in terms of providing the student with the necessary programming skills to solve complex problems in the field of computing in general, with a focus on human interaction with the computer, designing and moving two- and three-dimensional models, programming artificial intelligence for games, and designing and developing digital reality systems or What is known as extended reality.

As for the labor market, graduates of this program will find opportunities in the software industry in general, in addition to professional opportunities specialized in designing and developing games, in addition to developing digital reality systems, in sectors including but not limited to retail, fashion design, health care, manpower training in multiple fields, real estate, and the entertainment industry, which is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world.



achieving academic excellence in the field of extended reality and making games that meet the needs of the market while taking into account both local and international quality standards.



Providing a distinguished and advanced study program that is in line with the needs of the local and global market and the latest international research to give the local community distinguished graduates who are skilled in the fields of extended reality and game development in a way that contributes to the development of infrastructure, the promotion of the knowledge economy, and the development of the local community.


1. Applying mathematical foundations, algorithmic principles, and modern tools to evaluate, design, develop, and implement extended reality systems and game development.

2. Providing students with practical and theoretical skills to employ extended reality in public institutions and private companies, in addition to developing games.

3. Qualifying graduates to continue their education and obtain a career in the field of extended reality and game development based on the acquired knowledge.

4. Consolidate communication skills and creative and entrepreneurial thinking to build a professional personality capable of working effectively within a team, shouldering ethical and professional responsibilities, and knowing the needs of society.

Program Outcomes:

  • 1. Analyze complex issues and apply the principles of computing and other related disciplines to provide appropriate solutions in the fields of extended reality and the development of computer games and apply the principles of their design.

  • 2. Familiarity with professional responsibilities and the issuance of judgments based on legal and ethical principles.

  • 3. Communicate effectively in various professional environments and work and participate effectively as a member or team leader to maintain the progress of computerized operations.

  • 4. Demonstrate proficiency in theoretical and practical skills related to extended reality and game development.


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