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Mechanical and Industrial Engineering



Mechanical and Industrial Engineering laboratories


Number​Mechanical Engineering Labs.
1Thermodynamics Lab.
2Fluid Mechanics Lab.
3Heat Transfer  Lab.
4Engineering Measurements and Instrumentation Lab
5Automatic Control Systems Lab.
6Dynamics & Vibrations Lab.
7Internal Combustion Engines Lab
8Manufacturing Processes Lab.
9Engineering Materials lab.
10Computer Graphics (AutoCAD)
11Strength of Materials Lab.


Industrial Engineering Laboratories

1.Automation Lab
2.Statistics &OR Lab.
3.Eng. Metrology Lab.
4.Human Factors Eng. and Work Study lab.
5.Engineering Materials lab.
6.Strength of Materials Lab.
7.Computer Graphics (AutoCAD)
8.Thermal Fluid Sciences Lab.
9.Automatic Control Systems lab.
10.Dynamics and Vibrations Lab.
11.Manufacturing Processes Lab.
12.Machine parts drawing Lab.
13.Applied mechanics Lab.
14.Optimization Lab



Engineering Workshops

1.Metal Cutting Workshop
2.Sheet Workshop
3.Foundry Workshop
4.Welding Workshop
5.Electrical wiring  Workshop
6.Manual skills  Workshop
7.Carpentry  Workshop

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