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Renewable Energy Technology


Renewable Energy Technology Program Degree and Course Information

In the renewable energy technology program at Applied Science Private University, students explore the use of 'green' energy resources that will reduce the use of non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels.

What is a renewable energy technology program?

Renewable energy technology program concerns studying alternative energy resources from an applied technical perspective. Solar (both photovoltaic and thermal), wind, nuclear, bioenergy are considered as the holy grail of sustainable energy. This program will also cover waste management, hybrid energy systems as well as energy management in systems with renewable resources integration.


• The program aims to prepare qualified graduates who are able to engage in the labor market in the field of renewable energy. Our graduates are characterized by high academic level and technical capabilities allowing them to find solutions to different problems encountered in the energy sector and community service.

• Providing the students with the required skills to facilitate their enrolment in the labor market due to the uniqueness of this program in combining both traditional and renewable resources to generate electrical energy from solar systems and wind generators as well as diesel generators. This program works in line with the global trend in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by integrating clean energy resources.

The skills gained from the program

After finishing this program, the graduates will be able to design, install and manage renewable energy systems for industrial and residential applications. Additionally, they will be able to maintain these systems as the renewable energy technology program will increase the students' proficiencies in identifying problems and create appropriate solutions.

Program plan and duration of the study

The duration of study in this program is four years with a study plan of 132 credit hours.

Popular Careers

A degree in renewable energy technology prepares graduates for a number of jobs, such as:

• Working in renewable energy generation and distribution systems (wind, solar, ...).

• Work with construction companies and institutions in the field of energy.

• Work for companies and institutions specialized in sales and supply of alternative energy systems.

• Work with relevant ministries and government institutions such as the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and the electric power companies and others.

• Work in factories specialized in the fields of renewable energy systems such as solar cells and wind turbines manufacturing.

• Work in maintenance units of power distribution companies.

• Work in the professional and academic training sector.

• Self-employment through the establishment of private companies

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Renewable Energy Technology

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