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Electrical Engineering


​The Department of Electrical Engineering provides a superior learning experience that produces highly capable engineers. The primary endeavour is to offer a high-quality undergraduate education that is relevant to the future careers and lives of its students. The Department recognizes that faculty and staff are essential in the realization of this mission and seeks to provide a working environment that supports and values these individuals.

The department offers the following undergraduate degrees:

- Electrical Engineering / Communications and Computer Engineering

- Power and Control Engineering

The Department utilizes a personal approach to education that is supportive of students. It incorporates and develops skills in communication, design, mathematics, science, and technology relevant to the student's degree. The programs develop and integrate students' professional and technical skills so that they can confidently enter, succeed, and continue the life-long learning process in their chosen careers.

Department Members:

The department of Electrical engineering consists of 16​ faculty members; 14 Ph.D.​ degree holders and 2​ MSc degree holders.

All faculty members are qualified with certified academic and practical expertise concerning all fields of Electrical Engineering including Computer, Communications, Power, Control, and Electronics Engineering.

The Faculty members follow up closely with students to keep up with the scientific and technological development, supervising contemporary graduation projects which earned several rewards on different sectoral and institutional levels in Jordan  


The department includes 18 laboratories in various areas, which reflects the university concern about the importance of the applied engineering education together with the theoretical education in its engineering programs.

Laboratories’ Supervisors and Technicians

The department has 5​​ engineers who are supervising its laboratories and helping with the preparation for experiments, running machines and devices, and training students.

Laboratories’ Improvement

All the department laboratories were recently renovated with full financial support and guidance from the university. The renovation included supplying all laboratories with modern equipment, apparatus, and computers to meet national, regional, and international standards, and to make the laboratories available for the use and support of the community. ​