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Duaa Almaani

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Dr. Duaa Al Maani

Faculty member

​Duaa Al Maani is a PhD holder from the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University, United Kingdom. She has delivered several workshops about Architecture and the Built Environment in the UK for students in primary and secondary schools in addition to her work experience at different universities in Jordan and the UK. Duaa has also assisted third-year design units at Cardiff university (2016-2019), contributed to design teaching at Al Ahlyyia Amman Univeristy (2015-16), and at Zarqa University (2012-15).  

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    Architectural Education: how students learn to become architects.

    Duaa is interested in educational research within design-based subjects with a particular focus on student transitions into architectural education, & hidden educational and social perspectives in the design studio. She is also interested in design narratives and   constructivism theory of learning