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Ali Bani Younes

Personal Information

Dr.Ali Mahmoud Baniyounes

Head of Electrical Engineering​ Department

​Dr. Ali Baniyounes has earned his Bachelor degree in Electrical Power from Yarmouk University in 1997 and also he earned his first Master degree in Computer control engineering from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), Australia in 2004 followed by his second Master degree in Engineering studies form Auckland University of Technology (AUT), Auckland, New Zealand in 2007. Dr Baniyounes earned his Ph.D. in Solar Energy from Central Queensland University, Queensland, Australia  in. Currently Dr. Baniyounes is the Engineering college Vice dean and Electrical Engineering department chair for the current academic year 2017/2018. He was employed by Innotech and Mass electronics Pty, Australia from the year 2004 to the year 2009 Arab. Over his career Dr. Baniyounes has published extensively in the most prestigious Energy Journals such as Renewable Energy Journal, Renewable and Sustainable energy Reviews Journal, and energy and Buildings Journal as well as he has made participated numerously at international conferences such as Applied Energy Conference. In the past years one of his research interests focused on Renewable Energies, Smart Grid and Power system analysis.​

  • Energy Systems and Storages​​

  • ​Smart Grid​

  • Solar energy​​

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