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Faculty of Engineering & Technology

Research Center

​Based on its mission the faculty of engineering has provided its faculty members with the necessary tools needed for scientific research, such as software, hardware and research centers.


A new laboratory was established for MATHLAB software. This laboratory is equipped with the proper Tool-Boxes needed for research in the areas of Communications, Control, Neural Networks, Filter Design, Image Processing, Mechanics, and differential Equations.


The Laboratories in the Faculty of Engineering were upgraded to contain research equipment and tools used by students and faculty to conduct scientific research and complete graduation projects. This is in addition to the state of the art teaching equipment. 

The Alternative and Renewable Energy Center:

The Alternative and Renewable Energy Center (AREC) at the Applied Science University is dedicated to improving energy technology development and sustainability, including energy efficiency, advanced materials for demanding energy technologies and energy diversification. AREC encourages the adoption of alternative and renewable technologies through research and training programs. The current research area covers many fields of energy systems, such as; solar-thermal systems, solar-photovoltaic systems, wind energy, and hydrogen fuel cells.​

Renewable Energy Center​​