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Faculty of Engineering & Technology

History and Objectives


The Faculty of Engineering & Technology at Applied Science University will be nationally and internationally recognized for excellence in education, research, collaborative efforts with industry, and community service by fostering innovation and creativity in engineering and focusing on National priorities.


The Faculty of Engineering & Technology​ at Applied Science Private University bounded by its commitment for quality assurance and continual improvement strives to graduate high caliber engineers recognized for their skills and abilities and lifelong learning skills. The faculty is committed to enhance students’ life skills and provide them with the state of the art education that will enable them to succeed in their careers and advanced studies by providing an environment that fosters innovation and creativity in research and learning. Provide the faculty members with the environment, means and tools needed to excel in research and community service.


  •  Provide an environment of creativity and innovation.

  •  Provide high quality academic programs.

  • ​​Excel in applied scientific research and advanced studies programs.

  • Compete locally and internationally in quality and ranking

  • Enhance citizenship and community service by forming partnerships with the community.


1. Virtue

2. Institutional Work

3. Cooperation and team work

4. Loyalty

5. Creativity and innovation.

​Strategic Objectives:

1. Enhance Governance in all aspects of faculty work.

2. Attract and hire highly qualified faculty members and provide them with continual training needed for their developments and retention.

3. Attract distinguished students.

4. Enhance and support the positive relations between faculty and students.

5. Continually improve the faculty’s infrastructure.

6. Provide excellent engineering programs.

7. Continually update study plans to keep pace with developments in the field.

8. Provide faculty member with an environment that fosters innovation in scientific research.

9. Provide Advanced studies programs.

10. Obtain international accreditation and the National Certificate of quality.

11. Improve the faculty ranking, nationally regionally and internationally.

12. Strengthen the faculty’s relations with the community.

13.Form new partnerships with national institutions.​