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Faculty of Engineering & Technology

About Faculty and History


The Faculty of Engineering and Technology was established in September of 1992 and within its first year it attracted 170 students. Currently the faculty serves over 1010 students in seven  bachelor degree programs: Electrical Engineering /Communications and Computer Engineering, Power and Renewable Energy Engineering (Power and Control Engineering previously), Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering ,Architecture Engineering and Renewable Energy Technology  housed in five academic departments: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering ,Architecture Engineering, and Renewable Energy Technology. All programs are accredited by the Jordanian Accreditation Commission of Higher Education Institutions.

The faculty has 46 highly credentialed faculty members in the various academic ranks with diverse back grounds and various specialties and research interests, who have been carefully selected to serve the students and guide them through their academic endeavors.

The growth in student numbers has been accompanied with a similar growth in laboratories and facilities. The Faculty of Engineering & Technology is housed in a building with about twenty thousand square meters in addition to the Engineering Workshops building which is about four thousand square meters and The Renewable Energy Center.

The Faculty of Engineering & Technology has been continually working on improving of its services according to a well-established continual improvement plan, in order to provide students with state of the art skills needed to compete in the work force and continued success in their higher education.

The faculty is committed to provide academic programs that focus on the application of mathematics, science, computers and engineering and enhances students' communication, analytical, design, team, and technology skills that best serve the community and the nation.

The faculty provides fair learning opportunities for all students regardless of their nationality, cultural and social back-grounds and skills, providing each with a clear path towards graduation and success. This is part of the faculty's commitment for quality assurance and distinguished service.

List of faculty Deans

​Prof. Bassam Abu Ghazaleh


Prof. Salah Al-Sayed


Prof. Moffeed Al-Samaraie


Prof. Mahfooth Al-Sayed


Prof. Adnan Kilani


Prof. Ahmed Tawayha


Prof. Bassam Al-Aseer


Prof. Dayfalla Dalabeeh


Dr. Mohammad Abu-Helalah


Prof. Nuri Al-Mohammadi


Dr. Khalid Ramadam


Prof. Yehya Abdellatif


Dr. Mohammad Al-Omari​


Prof​. Ayman AbuBaker

2017- 2021

​Prof. Nasser Naim Abdellatif​

​2021- 2022

​​Prof. Sultan Tarawneh

​2022 - 2023

​Prof. Eyad Radwan

​2023 - present​


The faulty provides both students and researchers with thirty five well equipped specialized laboratories. These laboratories are supervised by a cadre of engineers to help both students and researchers conduct their scientific experiments and obtain the needed results. These laboratories are updated continually according to the laboratory development plan of the faculty to ensure that they are among the best equipped in the area and serve both students and faculty members id their research, graduation projects and community service.

The Engineering and Technology Faculty has always sought to be a leader, unique and innovative locally and internationally. Consequently, The Faculty of Engineering and Technology has been approved by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology for all of its engineering programs: Electrical Engineering/Communications and computer Engineering, Power and Control Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering in addition to the architectural engineering department NAAB accreditation perusing. The Faculty is the most widely disseminated in the field of scientific research among its peers in Jordan throughout distinguished research centers such as the renewable energy center. Lately, the Faculty of Engineering and Technology has signed several agreements with governmental bodies, international institutions and local companies to create strong partnerships that alert the international institutions.


The faculty members are active in research and have published extensively in highly reputable international journals. In addition, they continually participate in national, regional and international conferences and participate in almost all national conferences, workshops and seminars to share ideas and form partnerships with national universities and institutions to help meet the development they needs of the community to help meet the national priorities.


The faculty is committed to provide both students and faculty members' research teams with all the tools and support to meet their goals which include internet access and access to data bases. These research teams has been successful in producing high quality research and publications. Most notably is the renewable energy center established six years ago and is the first of its kind in the county and has produced numerous research publications, and tens of student graduation projects as well as many community projects and studies.​